12 UMM FIP Lecturers Receive Research Grants 2017

TIK FIP | 02 Feb 2018

Based on a letter from the Director of Research and Community Service of the Directorate General of Research and Development, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, numbered 025 / E3 / 2017, dated January 6, 2017, 12 researchers (research teams) Faculty of Education with 13 research titles escaped to be funded in fiscal year 2017.

The amount of 13 is divided into 4 research schemes, namely 1 Fundamental Research, 3 Applied Product Research (PTP, one of them on going research), 7 Beginner Lecturer Research (PDP), and 2 Dissertation Research. The research will be done both personally and in a team of 2-3 researchers. When compared to last year (Fiscal Year 2016), FIP UMJ only received 4 Research Grant funds only from Kemristekdikti, with 2 PDP and 2 PTP on going.

The following table of Beneficiaries for the Budget Year 2017.