Training On Digital Mind Map For Lecturers And Students Of FIP UMJ

TIK FIP | 21 May 2019

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 has penetrated all sectors of life without the exception of the world of higher education. Being in digital conditions as the founder of Education 4.0, the Faculty of Education of the University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta (FIP UMJ) reacted quickly to balance the demands of the development of the milineal style education. Efforts were made through Digital Mind Mapping Training with lecturers and students. Activities carried out on Sunday, January 13, 2019 involve students from sharing study programs even if only with limited participants.

     The training activity mentored by Ka Ade (Ade Yulius's nickname) is a continuation of the Brain Management Seminar. Digital Mind Mapping itself is the development of Tony Buzan's worldwide right-left reasoning theory. Now the development has penetrated into mind map software development. Various licensed software versions were introduced in the training which ended on the weekend afternoon. Students and lecturers are equipped with the techniques of making, storing, developing, and using thought flow map presentation models.

Participants were previously introduced to the theoretical framework of conceptual drafting manually. Paper based mind map assignments were given first and then assessed by mentors. The results of the mentor's assessment were quite satisfying, the participants were able to make a fairly good concept in a paper-based manner with a colorful blend on A4 paper.

       Once assessed as feasible, the training continues to digital format. The installation of paid mind map digital devices was tested, although only limited in time because the software is still temporarily free used. The trainees then 'move' their working paper concepts into electronic form. A steady workflow becomes a standard procedure so that the mind map is easy to read.

The impression of participants after training is that digital mind map work makes it easy to explain things in a continuous, correct, and precise manner. There is no concept left behind because everything has begun with a series of previously designed 'branches of thought'.

Terimakasih ka Ade.

(pict and narrated by wir)